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Trinity College Dublin asked us to develop a shopping experience dedicated to nurturing excellence in local Irish designers and artisans and welcoming new customers to become part of Trinity’s global community.

We delivered an easy to use eCommerce store that:


Our Strategy

We delivered an innovative shop connecting designers and customers through a range of exclusive products rooted in the values, traditions and aspirations of Trinity College.

Developing an outstanding customer experience on mobile devices was key. We researched the market at home and abroad and took time to understand the individual needs of a wide variety of customers visiting the store.


Services Provided


What We Did

We devised a set of innovative features to reward customers and make it easy for them to choose the right product for their lifestyle.

We designed and developed a truly mobile friendy large scale Magento powered store. The result is a web site customers are happy to return to again and again wheather on the move or at home.


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