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After a successful tender process in 2014 we are proud to have been selected as a preferred digital supplier to NUI Galway in partnership with our friends at the graphic design studio Proviz Ltd.

We started our relationship with NUI Galway in early 2013 and we have completed several web sites and promotional work together so far. We are priviaged to work regularly with such a renound institution.

Some highlights from our collaboration are presented below.

National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science

The NCBES incorporates a wide spectrum of Biomedical researchers on the NUIG campus. They develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to biomedical challenges through interdisciplinary and strategic research activities.


Ignite Technology Transfer Office

Guiding Breakthrough Research at NUI Galway towards Business Reality

The Ignite Technology Transfer Office (Ignite TTO) explores and facilitates commercial opportunities for the research community at NUI Galway, and facilitates industry partnership.

Innovation Web

A showcase of the latest in new ideas and innovation.


Principal Investigators as Boundary Spanners, Scientific Entrepreneurs and Market Shapers.


Independent Aging – Empowering people through technology

Connected Health is the utilisation of connecting technologies (communication systems-broadband, wireless, mobile phone, fixed phone lines) and medical devices for healthcare applications with the relevant caregiver network.

It is the use of messaging and monitoring technologies to promote health and self-management.

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