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How to create an effective Christmas Landing Page in 2016

Written by admin, 7 Nov, 2016

With many retailers now going to extraordinary lengths to satisfy their customers’ expectations in the build up to the festive period, an effective Christmas campaign can make the difference between a good year and a great year. There is no doubt that tailoring your web site and marketing strategy for the unique demands of the Christmas market is vital in an ever more competitive retail environment.

For your customers at this time of year, offers abound and choice is seemingly endless. What can you do to stand out and make Christmas shopping on your store as easy and enjoyable as possible?

Here are our top tips:

  • Cleverly curate your content – understand what your customers are looking for at this time of year and give it to them.
  • Clearly state your pre Christmas guaranteed delivery dates.
  • Prominently display your returns policy – make it simple.
  • Promote your most searched for or bestselling products, not necessarily the products you would like to sell.
  • Devise a clever marketing promotion to encourage repeat visits and to keep customers engaged until they are ready to purchase. Think 12 days of Christmas or Weekly Black Friday Deals
  • Add value by saving time for your customers – develop product bundles and a variety of gifts ranges.
  • Support last minute shoppers with digital products e.g vouchers.
  • Offer gift wrapping as a free option.
  • Send customers a voucher that they can redeem in January.
  • Stay in contact with your visitors and customers on social media and via newsletters – build meaningful relationships.

We’ve been studying Christmas landing pages from leading retailers and here’s our pick of the bunch:

William and Sonoma



JD Williams







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Pottery Barn



Brown Thomas



House Of Fraser


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